A Satanic Display in a Florida Park Has Been Vandalized Yet Again January 3, 2017

A Satanic Display in a Florida Park Has Been Vandalized Yet Again

For the eighth time in a matter of weeks — but who’s counting? — a Satanic display in a public park in Boca Raton, Florida has been vandalized.


It happened just days after the display went up again next to a handwritten atheist banner (which had also previously been destroyed).


Preston Smith, the Satanist who put up the pentagram, said the latest criminal act happened around 2:00a Monday morning. His display was supposed to be up through January 6. But since it was taken down a few days early, it may not be worthwhile to put it up again.

The only reason the displays are in Sanborn Square park to begin with is because the local government allowed a Nativity scene in the same area. That display has not been vandalized at all. None of them should be. But if law enforcement can’t stop the vandalism in a public park, despite repeated damage to the non-theistic displays, it’s effectively the same as forbidding atheists from putting up the displays at all, which would be unconstitutional.

Officials must change the rules so that no third party displays of any kind are allowed in public parks or police these displays the same way you know they would if the Baby Jesus had been stolen for the eighth time.

There remains an active investigation into the previous acts of vandalism. Smith hopes to see a felony hate crime conviction. He also says he plans to put the display back up next year.

(Screenshot via CBS12. Portions of this article were posted earlier)

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