Ray Comfort Says His Movie About Atheism Got an Honor from a Science-Themed Film Festival January 2, 2017

Ray Comfort Says His Movie About Atheism Got an Honor from a Science-Themed Film Festival

A press release from evangelist Ray Comfort makes it sound like his film The Atheist Delusion received a major accolade from a science-themed film festival:


“The Atheist Delusion,” a documentary featuring TV evangelist and author Ray Comfort, has received a surprise nomination at the Raw Science Film Festival.

“We are so honored to have this film officially recognized by such an important film festival,” stated Comfort. “To be recognized for our scientific approach and proofs of what is normally dismissed as simple religion is humbling. In the argument of religion versus science, we hope to show people that it’s not either/or, but that science supports the existence of the Creator, and our creator is the very author of science.”

That’s… unusual. Because we saw the movie and there was nothing scientific about it. The relevant portion of the film involves Ray asking his subjects how DNA was created from scratch. Because they, like scientists, can’t answer it in perfect detail, Ray jumps to the conclusion that God must be real. It’s ignorance leading to “Intelligent Design” somehow leading to acceptance of the Bible as a whole.

Ignorance, even in the name of science, doesn’t make a film “scientific.”

Which makes you wonder: What the hell sort of film festival is this?

Thankfully, it’s not one that chose Ray’s film as a winner. So there’s that. But according to one of this year’s winners, the Raw Science Film Festival didn’t do anything to help him in the future:

Being a winner of this festival is wonderful, but somehow I never got the feeling that I won anything. “All the winners stand on stage for a group photo!” — yay. (I’m not one for speeches, but this was kind of like being fed scraps). I felt more like a spectator of someone else’s party. And if I’m feeling that, I’m sure other filmmakers are too.

Another winner said he received no money for his “prize” and most of the films weren’t even screened.

So it’s a festival that damn near anyone can be nominated for as long as you fill out the entry form and one where even the winners aren’t entirely thrilled. So much for it being an honor even to be nominated.

Congratulations, Ray.

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