A Rap About the Atheists in Your Neighborhood December 30, 2016

A Rap About the Atheists in Your Neighborhood

Rapper Baba Brinkman just released the latest video from his album
The Rap Guide to Religion, and it’s a wonderful collaboration with Greydon Square called “Neighborhood Atheism.”


Here’s just a sample of the lyrics:

You’re thinkin’ just because I don’t believe I’m bein’ watched
When I’m alone, that I’m about to go turn into Ghengis Kahn?
Or pull a Sandy Hook on ‘em? Get a grip man
Morality is like a bike, religion’s like a kick stand

You can’t imagine somebody being honest
Without the aid of a crutch, because you’re leaning on it
I get it, but god is not the only scaffolding
That props you up with tough choices when you’re grappling

It may come as a slap in the face to republicans
But atheism increases under stable governments

It’s a powerful song. It’s a powerful album, too, so support Baba’s work by buying a copy or chipping in on Patreon.

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