I Had No Idea This Was the Group Behind All Those Atheist Billboards December 22, 2016

I Had No Idea This Was the Group Behind All Those Atheist Billboards

I don’t typically read comment threads for letters to the editor, but this one, telling us who the real backers are for American Atheists’ recent “Skip Church” billboard campaign, caught my attention for obvious reasons:


I heard on the internet that Russian state sponsored hackers are funding these billboards. Further proof of Putin’s desire to disrupt our way of life. What could be more devastating to our culture than skipping church? Once church is out of our lives then the vacuum will be filled with communism. Then, with Putin’s puppet boy in charge we will fall in line with the Kremlin. Brilliant plan, just brilliant. Never saw this one coming…

I can’t tell if it’s a Poe, or if this person thinks he knows something the rest of us are just oblivious about, but there you go: Atheist billboards are part of a vast Russian conspiracy.

American Atheists’ President David Silverman responded to that theory last night:


No word yet from the Russian hackers supposedly bankrolling the campaign as to whether they’ll strike again.

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