Catholic Writer: Placing a Satanic Display Near a Nativity Scene is a “Form of Vandalism” December 22, 2016

Catholic Writer: Placing a Satanic Display Near a Nativity Scene is a “Form of Vandalism”

As we’ve seen over the past week, the Satanic display in Boca Raton’s Sanborn Square park can’t seem to exist without being vandalized. Even after it was locked down, a vehicle hooked a chain to it and pulled it down.




But that act of vandalism doesn’t really bother David Drudge, writing at Catholic Online. Oh, sure, he condemns what happened, but he has far more anger for the Satanists for daring to put up a display near a Nativity scene:

Everyone agrees atheists and satanists have freedom of speech. However, there is no reason why that freedom of speech must be exercised virtually on top of a Christian Nativity scene at Christmas. Why not in a different location, or at a different time? Why must it coincide perfectly and in proximity to a Christian celebration?

The reason is simply to be disruptive to the Christian celebration. It has nothing to do with sincere belief. What it is, quite literally, is another form of vandalism.

The reason atheists and Satanists put up these displays this time of year is because the government shouldn’t be in the business of promoting religious holidays. If Christians want to put up a display on taxpayer-owned property, it doesn’t matter when they do it; we’ll ask for those same rights.

What’s really troubling is that Drudge thinks Christians own December. As if other people are only allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights when Christians aren’t doing it first.

To be clear, the non-Christian displays wouldn’t be up at all if Christians put these Nativity scenes outside their homes or churches. But that’s never what they want. It’s not enough to celebrate the birth of Christ. They want to do it as publicly as possible — so they want the displays outside City Hall or local courthouses or public parks. That’s fine. But they don’t have any more of a right to those areas than the rest of us. That’s why opposing displays go up in the same areas.

That’s not “vandalism.” That’s exercising our rights.

If Drudge doesn’t like that, there’s a simple way to stop it: Christians just have to stop putting those Nativity scenes on public property. If they didn’t act first, we wouldn’t react second.

By the way, I say all this knowing Drudge has a habit of writing outrageous things. A quick glance at his recent articles shows you just how delusional he is. But I suspect there are Christians out there who share his view that atheists should just shut up whenever there’s a religious celebration going on.

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