Support the Second Season of The Humanist Experience Podcast December 21, 2016

Support the Second Season of The Humanist Experience Podcast

More than a year ago, I recommended a podcast called The Humanist Experience. It documented an adventure in which Humanists Seráh Blain and Evan Clark searched for “radical experiences that educate our emotions and expand our world.”

Among other things, they spoke with people who lost their homes in a fire, went to a nudist resort, and worked as patient escorts at an abortion clinic. They’re (obviously) not religious, and they were guided by their curiosity and desire to help other people.

I’m so happy to say that they’re now fundraising for another season of the show — I donated and I would urge you to do it, too — and they’re also now the official podcast for Foundation Beyond Belief, the non-profit that urges people to donate to charity. (Full disclosure: I used to be on FBB’s board.)

“We at Foundation Beyond Belief are very excited about the Humanist Experience podcast joining our organization,” says Noelle George, FBB’s executive director. “The podcast explores the humanist perspective through Seráh and Evan’s lived experiences, and is perfectly in line with FBB’s Humanism at Work motto.”

The new season would have Evan and Seráh visiting places where FBB’s volunteers are already at work. You can read a rundown of their planned episodes right here. This is the sort of activism that actually changes hearts and makes a difference. Considering supporting their work.

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