Christian Activist (and Disgraced Justice) Roy Moore May Replace Jeff Sessions in the U.S. Senate December 21, 2016

Christian Activist (and Disgraced Justice) Roy Moore May Replace Jeff Sessions in the U.S. Senate

We already know that Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Donald Trump‘s nominee to be the next Attorney General, would be a disaster for those of us who care about church/state separation. Over the summer, Sessions even criticized Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor for her alleged irreligiosity.

There’s another concern with his selection, though, that is only coming to light today.

If Sessions is confirmed, he would no longer be a senator. The Republican Governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley, would get to appoint his successor, at least until the people could vote for Sessions’ replacement, which likely wouldn’t happen until the 2018 midterms.

And guess who Bentley is considering for the job?

Roy Moore during a contentious February, 2015 interview on CNN

Gov. Robert Bentley’s office said Wednesday the governor interviewed five candidates this week to replace U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, including suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.

Moore, of course, is the conservative activist currently suspended from his job on the Alabama Supreme Court because he told probate judges in the state they didn’t have to issue same-sex marriage licenses — despite the Supreme Court ruling saying those marriages were legal under the law and government officials couldn’t get in the way of that.

He became known nationwide in 2003 when he installed a Ten Commandments monument into the courthouse in the dead of night and refused to remove it even though it was illegal. (He was removed from office for his defiance, though he was later voted right back onto the Supreme Court.)

Despite his ethical breaches to promote conservative Christianity, judicial activism, and desire to elevate the Bible over the Constitution — or, I should say, because of all those things — he’s always resurrected from whatever graves he dug for himself. He managed to run for governor twice before, even though he didn’t win, and he was widely considered one of the frontrunners for the 2018 race to replace Bentley. The open Senate position, however, would change that calculation.

It’s entirely possible Roy Moore, the man whose career has been all about tearing up the Constitution and replacing it with Bible verses, will soon be a U.S. senator. The man is so conservative, he makes Ted Cruz look like Elizabeth Warren.

But, you know, I’m sure Hillary Clinton‘s emails were way worse…

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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