Before a Satanic Display Was Destroyed in Florida, Bill O’Reilly Trashed It on His Show December 21, 2016

Before a Satanic Display Was Destroyed in Florida, Bill O’Reilly Trashed It on His Show

Why did the Satanic display in Boca Raton, Florida get vandalized (again) yesterday? We don’t know for sure, but it’s tempting to think it may have been prompted by a segment on Bill O’Reilly‘s show the night before.



The Fox News host sent correspondent Jesse Watters to Boca Raton to get reactions to the display and harass Preston Smith, the middle school teacher who put up the display in response to a Nativity scene on the same property. The segment aired Monday night, before the display was destroyed.

There are a couple things worth reacting to:

O’Reilly and Watters talk about whether a swastika display would have been allowed on the property. (“That’s a good point,” said O’Reilly.) But we already know the answer to that. The city is absolutely allowed to reject that sign as hate speech.

The Satanic display and the atheist banner next to it, however, aren’t hateful in any sense. They may be unpopular, but they’re not symbols calling for ethnic or racial “purity” and the deaths of other people. As we’ve said before, The Satanic Temple’s Seven Fundamental Tenets are vastly more ethical than the Ten Commandments. And “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia” is just damn funny.

The two conservatives also mocked how Smith covered up his face when Watters ambushed him. O’Reilly said Smith should “just stand up and explain yourself.” They didn’t focus on how they were trying to run him down as he was going to work at a middle school — a school where, I have to point out, Smith doesn’t talk about his activism. No wonder he didn’t want to talk to a reporter.

Watters wasn’t interested in a conversation. He wanted to get Smith in trouble by having him speak about Satan while surrounded by students, and Smith wisely didn’t take the bait.

This is what you get from conservatives. The people who claim to love the Constitution whine their asses off when someone uses the First Amendment the same way Christians do.

(Thanks to Kevin for the link)

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