A Religious Right Leader Inadvertently Admitted His Side Constantly Lies to the Public December 16, 2016

A Religious Right Leader Inadvertently Admitted His Side Constantly Lies to the Public

I would be lost as a blogger without the work of the folks at Right Wing Watch. They keep tabs on what the most conservative voices in the country are saying on their radio and TV shows in order to inform the rest of us. And they don’t do it with any editorializing. They simply share the relevant clips, provide a transcript, maybe offer context if it’s needed, and that’s about it.

That’s why it’s so laughable that Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver — the lawyer who, among other things, defended Kim Davis last year — is criticizing the website. In fact, Staver said today they’re one of “the biggest purveyors of fake news in the country.”

He made the comments on his Faith and Freedom radio show this morning:

“It’s interesting how the left talks about fake news,” he said, “The Southern Poverty Law Center … and Right Wing Watch are the biggest purveyors of fake news in the country. They’re trying to dehumanize people and organizations and they literally create fake news. They’re the fake news purveyors and they’re going to continue to ramp up their agenda, to distort stories, to put out lies and attack individuals.”

I’m amazed that even someone as ignorant as Staver could claim Right Wing Watch “literally create[s] fake news” when every post quotes the Religious Right verbatim. (There have never been any substantiated claims of those clips being doctored, by the way. They’re all legit.)

Staver’s accusation is like blaming a mirror for making you look ugly. It’s not the mirror’s fault.

Meanwhile, as Joe Jervis reminds us, Staver’s own organization lied last year about a supposed rally of 100,000 Christians in Peru in support of Kim Davis. The truth was that the rally never happened and the picture was from a different event. Staver’s colleague Matt Barber eventually apologized, but not before saying the reporter had “discredited himself and embarrassed” the site he worked for.

If Staver thinks Right Wing Watch is one of “the biggest purveyors of fake news in the country,” it must be because they’re always quoting the fake news coming from the Christian Right.

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