Christian Blogger: Your Facebook Messages About Aleppo Aren’t Helping… So Go Pray Instead December 15, 2016

Christian Blogger: Your Facebook Messages About Aleppo Aren’t Helping… So Go Pray Instead

For a little while, it looked like conservative blogger Matt Walsh was making sense! That never happens. Speaking of the tragedy in Aleppo, Walsh pointed out that most people either aren’t paying attention or don’t have the ability to do anything meaningful about it. You know what? He had a point.


… Of course, even if we pay attention to what’s happening over there, most of us are not in a position to do much about it. We can maybe donate to organizations that provide relief, but that’s about it. We, as individual citizens, are otherwise powerless. Just as we’re powerless to stop most of the evil on the planet.

That’s why I get uncomfortable every time there’s some humanitarian disaster or genocide somewhere in the world and people post slogans like “Never Again” on Facebook and Twitter. What do you mean “never again”? That’s a promise you can’t possibly even begin to keep. These types of things will indeed happen again, and again, and again, and again, until the end of time. “Never Again” is just a meaningless thing westerners say to make themselves feel better.

Yes! That’s so true! You can’t say “Never Again” when you’re powerless against it happening again. That’s like saying we can’t let Donald Trump get away with his scandals… as we watch him get away with new ones every day. These are just words we say to make us feel like we’re helping when we’re really not.

So if Walsh is against “meaningless thing westerners say to make themselves feel better,” what would he suggest we all do instead?


I think the better approach is to do three things:

1) Pray. We always dismiss the power of prayer, but then we don’t pray very much in this country. How can we dismiss what we haven’t seriously tried?

Oh, Christ…

If writing “Never Again” is just a waste of keystrokes, then praying to God is a waste of breath. He’s not listening. And if He’s around, maybe He should get off His Almighty ass and help some of those kids in Syria since He’s presumably the same person who created all the chaos.

Don’t replace your Facebook messages with pointless pleas to Yahweh. You’re just substituting one form of futility for another.

If you want to help, donate to groups working on the refugee crisis and elect people committed to helping solve the issue. But stop wasting your time pretending that God gives a damn about your thoughts.

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