Unnecessary Blasphemy Trial Begins for Jakarta’s Christian Governor December 13, 2016

Unnecessary Blasphemy Trial Begins for Jakarta’s Christian Governor

Last month, Terry posted about how the Christian governor of Jakarta, Indonesia, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, was being investigated by police for blaspheming against Islam.

He didn’t do anything of the sort. What he said was that his opponents, citing a verse from the Qur’an against being ruled by non-Muslims such as himself, were misleading people with their interpretation of the holy book. However, when video of that speech appeared online, someone had subtitled it without an important word, making it seem like he was criticizing the Qur’an itself rather than his political opponents. Approximately 100,000 Muslims demonstrated against Purnama on account of these lies.


Purnama’s blasphemy trial began yesterday and, if convicted, he could face a five year jail sentence. This is really a test of whether the nation’s legal system can fairly evaluate all the evidence… or whether it will succumb to mob rule.

With the elections coming up in February, the results may not even matter. Purnama, whose nickname is “Ahok,” now has a tainted reputation that could affect his re-election bid. All based on bullshit.

Good thing elections in the U.S. could never be swayed by gullible fools who accept whatever misinformation is spoon-fed to them.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Michael for the link)

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