Arizona Man Feels Free To Berate LGBT-Affirming Church Staff “Because Trump Won” December 13, 2016

Arizona Man Feels Free To Berate LGBT-Affirming Church Staff “Because Trump Won”

And so it begins! Community Christian Church, an LGBT-affirming church in Tempe, Arizona, was host this week to a random man who decided to waltz into the pastor’s office and start screaming a bunch of homophobic nonsense. Why? Because, he allegedly explained, Donald Trump was elected President, so it’s totally cool for him to do that now.


Via CBS Tempe:

“It made me so angry and afraid for our country,” Pastor Doug Bland said. Aside from the man voicing his hatred for the LGBT community, he threatened to pay people to protest outside the church and spread lies about pedophilia among the congregation.

“He said that if Hillary would have won he would have driven right on by the church without stopping, but because Trump won he felt he had permission to say and act the way he wanted to expressing the hate that he had for this particular group of people,” Bland said.

The strange thing here, honestly, is that this man has apparently been holding all of this inside for the past eight years, while so many other homophobic jerks were going around, free as birds, talking about how gay people were causing natural disasters, crying about how same-sex marriage was going to ruin marriage for them, and spouting other nonsense. Did this man just have particularly good manners until President Obama became a lame duck? Was he just waiting for the appropriate time?

What did he think would come of this? Did he think that the people in the church were going to go “Oh! You’re right! Donald Trump is our next president! Please keep screaming at us. It’s lovely.”

Perhaps the cruelest trick Trump played on his followers was convincing them that they would now be free to be assholes to people (a.k.a. being “politically correct”) without any repercussions. This guy isn’t going to be arrested — while he threatened the people at the church, he didn’t actually hurt them — but he’s probably not going to be invited to too many dinner parties if this is how he chooses to express himself.

(Screenshot via KPHO)

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