Catholic League Lashes Out Against Satanists’ Proposed “Snaketivity” Display Outside MI Capitol December 8, 2016

Catholic League Lashes Out Against Satanists’ Proposed “Snaketivity” Display Outside MI Capitol

The Michigan State Capitol building has hosted a Nativity scene on its property for a while now — which is why, for the past couple of years, the Satanic Temple of Detroit has responded with a “Snaketivity” of its own.

Because the Satanists announced they’d be doing it again this year, the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue was quick to whine about this blatant display of equality (throwing in the recent American Atheists’ billboards for good measure):

American Atheists and Satanists say they are opposed to all religions, but they lie: it is Christianity that they really hate. The proof is evident every year at Christmas.

The Satanic Temple of Detroit is perhaps the most active branch of the Satanists, and once again this year it is erecting “Snaketivity” on the Capitol lawn in Lansing. It is being placed in a spot near the traditional nativity scene. The display features a cross, a red snake, and a sign that reads, “The Greatest Gift is Knowledge.”

Notice the display only misappropriates a Christian religious symbol, leaving other religious symbols — the menorah and crescent and star — unscathed.

What is the difference between American Atheists and the Satanists? Not much: both hate Christianity and both lie for a living.

Americans Atheists puts up a message to fellow atheists that it’s okay to skip church… and somehow, that’s anti-Christian.

The Satanists want to put up a display since the Michigan Capitol is already home to a Nativity scene… and somehow, that’s anti-Christian.

I could turn on my dishwasher and Donohue would find a way to claim I’m persecuting Christians, too.

There’s nothing wrong with speaking up for your own beliefs or demanding the same sort of opportunities as Christians. Donohue sees atheists and Satanists asking for nothing more than the same privileges as Christians and, as usual, he has the audacity to call us the bad guys.

All the more reason to keep putting up displays like these.

Jex Blackmore, head of The Satanic Temple’s Detroit chapter, has no intention of stopping her activism:

“The Catholic League’s statement substantiates the need for expressions of diversity in the public square. When symbols of plurality are viewed as an attack on the majority there is a grave distortion of the American liberties we claim to celebrate, and we must work hard to protect them.

Blackmore’s group has submitted an application with the Michigan Capitol to put up their Snaketivity between December 15-18.

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