Now That Trump Is President, We Can’t Feed People Who Say “Merry Christmas” To The Lions Anymore December 7, 2016

Now That Trump Is President, We Can’t Feed People Who Say “Merry Christmas” To The Lions Anymore

Well, it looks like the good times we’ve had as non-Christians in this country are about to end! No longer can we feed people who insist upon saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” to the lions. Or even behead them, as we have grown so fond of doing.

This is according to Donald Trump‘s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who explained to Fox News’ Sean Hannity last night that not only will Americans have a Merry Christmas this year thanks to Trump being elected, they will also be able to say “Merry Christmas,” which they have obviously been prevented from doing these past eight years.


Donald Trump has been the President-elect of this country for just over four weeks. He’s saved a thousand jobs in the state of Indiana, which means a thousand — not only those direct 1,000 jobs, 1,100, but all the extra jobs that go along with that — which means a great Christmas, which you can say again. “Merry Christmas.” Because Donald Trump is now the President, you can say it again! It’s okay to say! It’s not a pejorative word anymore!

There is a lot wrong with the whole “Donald Trump saved 1,100 jobs” argument — because, you know, he didn’t. Even the number is wrong, as it’s closer to 700 — because Trump was counting research and development jobs that were never actually going anywhere to begin with. But that is neither here nor there.

Let’s get to the real issue: Lewandowski, like so many others, appears to be under the assumption that people are getting yelled at, everywhere, for saying “Merry Christmas.” He thinks the reason store clerks say “Happy Holidays” instead is because they hate Christians — or their bosses do, anyway — and not because there’s a chance that some of their customers might not celebrate it. Or because it’s just good manners, and considerate of everyone, and it’s just plain weird to assume you know what religion anyone is.

Of course, the power to be inconsiderate, much like the ending of The Wizard of Oz, has actually been within them all along. This was true under President Obama and it’ll continue to be true with Future President Joe Biden. Saying “Merry Christmas” doesn’t change with who the Commander-in-Chief is. It’s no different from asking if people are vegetarian or have any serious allergies or diet restrictions before inviting them to a dinner party, so that you can include options for everybody. You can choose to be considerate of people who aren’t like you, or you can ignore those differences and exclude them. (Lewandowski’s comments, then, are akin to refusing an invite to a dinner party because there are options for vegetarians on the menu, as if that’s disrespectful to you as a carnivore.)

People have been quite free, under Obama, to assume that everyone they meet is a Christian and to wish them a “Merry Christmas.” They haven’t been prevented from that any more than they’ve been prevented from assuming everyone they meet is named “Corey Lewandowski,” if that’s what jingles their bells. This was never about someone’s ability to say “Merry Christmas.” It was always about demanding that everyone else do it, too. And being considerate of everyone — alas — is going to be a rare sight under Trump’s presidency.

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