A Fox News Host Invited an Atheist to Church As He Promoted His Group’s Latest Billboards December 7, 2016

A Fox News Host Invited an Atheist to Church As He Promoted His Group’s Latest Billboards

Last week, American Atheists announced their latest billboards, urging non-believers to skip church over Christmas. One of them even made that point by riffing on Donald Trump‘s campaign slogan.



Yesterday, AA’s national program director Nick Fish appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the signs. The hosts wanted to know why Fish was so offended by Christmas and Christians — he wasn’t — even using the opportunity to invite him to church. They didn’t seem to realize, no matter how often he said it, that the billboards were speaking to people who no longer believe, not those who were still Christians. (Fish declined the invites.)


AINSLEY EARHARDT: … I think you should feel sorry for people that haven’t seen what we have seen in church.

NICK FISH: … Most of the people who are atheists, in fact, were raised in religious households.

EARHARDT: Yeah, I know…

FISH: I wasn’t, but that…

EARHARDT: Do you think the church has done you a disservice? Because maybe there’s a disconnect. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience at church.

FISH: I didn’t have a bad experience. That’s the thing, though…

EARHARDT: Why didn’t you like it?! Because I love to go!

FISH: The best way to make atheists is to read the Bible…

Fish did a wonderful job in that segment. He remained affable the entire time, responded to their ridiculous questions with a smile on his face, and stuck to his message that there are lots of Americans out there who no longer believe in God but feel pressured to go to church this time of year. He also didn’t take their bait, refusing to insult devout Christians, because this wasn’t about them.

And he artfully dodged the invitation to go to church by saying his mom would be upset if he didn’t come home over the holidays. Well played.

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