Anti-Gay Christian Activist Linda Harvey Says She’s on the “Right Side of History” December 7, 2016

Anti-Gay Christian Activist Linda Harvey Says She’s on the “Right Side of History”

Anti-gay activist Linda Harvey recently interviewed fellow gay rights opponent Peter LaBarbera on her radio show about how the GOP seemed to be easing up on the fight against LGBT equality. It’s almost like Republicans were accepting the idea that LGBT people deserved rights… and that made the Baby Jesus cry. Or, even if they don’t feel that way, they realize that this isn’t a winning issue for them. Better to let this one go than fight against something most people now accept.

The oddest part of the conversation, however, was when Harvey explained that conservative Christians would eventually be remembered as the heroes of this cultural battle:


“It’s appalling,” LaBarbera declared, lamenting that “the conservative movement has lost principle and they are really afraid of the homosexual issue,” which is outrageous because homosexuality is “an abomination” and therefore can never be a right because it violates God’s law.

“It will be seen that the Christian view was the right side of history,” Harvey added. “They keep saying that we’re on the wrong side of history; we are not. It will be proven and it’s already showing itself for anyone who cares to look.”

You know it’s pathological when they’re lying to themselves. I’m hard-pressed to recall any group of people who fought against civil rights and were later recognized as being on the right side of history.

The only way she’s right is if her time machine is heading backwards.

I’m not worried about her, though. What worries me are the Christians who will eventually try to whitewash their own bigotry on this issue. They’ll somehow argue that they were champions of LGBT rights, not the obstacles the rest of us had to overcome. They’ll condemn the rabid homophobes while praising the “good” Christians — and no doubt many of them exist — but history shouldn’t forget that the vast majority of Christians fought against those rights and made life worse for LGBT people around the world. And a lot of Christians who weren’t actively fighting against civil rights chose to remain silent. They’re just as complicit.

Just because some Christians have since found a way to reconcile human rights with their own theology doesn’t make everything okay.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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