After One Woman’s Parents Voted for Donald Trump, She’s Holding Their Pastor Accountable December 6, 2016

After One Woman’s Parents Voted for Donald Trump, She’s Holding Their Pastor Accountable

Kristy Cooper was shocked over Thanksgiving when she found out her parents had voted for Donald Trump. For all their religious talk of helping the poor and caring for the least fortunate, it made no sense to her that they would vote for someone who flaunted his wealth, never gave to charity, pledged to take health insurance away from the Americans who needed it the most, and treated oppressed minorities in a way Jesus never would.


So she did something unusual. She contacted their pastor to find out what the hell he was teaching them.

… I realized I felt a lot like a parent who had let their children go to a bad school and now wasn’t happy with the things they were learning. I am an atheist… but I felt concerned about the morals my parents were learning in the church they attended every week, especially after hearing my father’s complete indifference to the ways the lives of other people different then himself would be affected.

She doesn’t want to get her parents in trouble, so she used a fake email address and name when emailing the pastor. Their exchange, which you can read right here, is currently at the point where the two of them may talk on the phone.

Either way, it’s an interesting strategy. It’s not that the pastor necessarily endorsed Trump from the pulpit, but somehow, the biblical message Christians love to preach and the abhorrent values her parents endorsed with their votes were not in sync, and Kristy is determined to find out why.

If she has a conversation with the pastor, we’ll post an update.

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