Irony Alert: Atheist Billboard Urging People To Skip Church Features Two Devout Christians December 6, 2016

Irony Alert: Atheist Billboard Urging People To Skip Church Features Two Devout Christians

As we noted last week, American Atheists put up new billboards in several cities urging people to celebrate Christmas by skipping church. While much of the media attention has gone to the billboard that parodied Donald Trump‘s campaign slogan (“Make Christmas Great Again — Skip Church!”), it’s the other billboard that getting attention for a rather ironic twist.

It turns out the two women who appear in that second billboard — a mother freaking out over her daughter’s text message that say she’s skipping church on Christmas and her parents will just “get over it” — are both real-life Christians:


“Normally, I could care less, but this hits a little under the belt for me,” [Candy] Burns said Monday. “I’m not an atheist. I love the Lord. My daughter is not an atheist. I have a life in Christ.”

“If they want to sit there and not believe in God, that’s on them,” Burns said. “But for them to take a Christian mother and daughter and put them on a billboard, I think that’s low. Why don’t they use their own people?”

In American Atheists’ defense, they have used their own people in previous Christmas campaigns.

But this is nothing more than an amusing non-story. It’s not like AA purposely chose Christians to appear on their billboard. The image wasn’t even the point. They bought a stock photo that conveyed their message; it’s as simple as that. Burns even acknowledges she knows how stock photos work, which makes her anti-AA comments all the more hypocritical.

It was a lot funnier a couple of years ago when an anti-gay group used stock footage of one man and duplicated the image. They argued that the men were really twins, only one of whom was gay, and therefore homosexuality wasn’t genetic but rather something you chose. That plan backfired when it was discovered that the original man (who had no brother) was actually gay. For his “entire life.”

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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