Viral Photo Shows “Proof” That God Commanded Tennessee Fire Not to Destroy an Apartment December 1, 2016

Viral Photo Shows “Proof” That God Commanded Tennessee Fire Not to Destroy an Apartment

Here’s the latest example of someone thanking God for protecting them from the East Tennessee wildfires… even though God didn’t really do anything, and the same people refuse to admit their God was also responsible for all the rest of the death and destruction.


A woman in Alabama wrote on Facebook that her friend from Gatlinburg evacuated his apartment, only to find out that God “told the fire you can’t cross this line” and “drew a line in the dirt” to protect his home. “Even fire obeys Gods commands,” she added.


See the line?! (It takes a while. God doesn’t draw straight.) And don’t you dare say the fire ran out of fuel on its own…

Somehow, God must have forgotten to draw a line around the 15,650 acres that have been burned and the seven people who have died so far.

Silly God. He’s so bad at coloring.

It reminds me of this meme, which displays the same type of after-the-fact irrational thinking:


When one commenter called the original poster out on her image, asking why the other homes weren’t saved, she responded with an even more irrational argument: It’s possible everyone else is just a sinner.


Nobody said their house was special but in know the people praying for them and their home are might women who serve the Lord. However and I’m not saying every body who lost their home are not saved but God tells us in Isaiah 59:2 But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, And your sins have hidden His face from you so that He does not hear. In other words you can’t ignore God or live like the devil and then pray to him just when it benefits you

Got it. All those who suffered from the wildfires were probably just ungrateful heathens. And if we discover they were Christian, then this was obviously just part of God’s Master Plan.

See? Who said religion and logic can’t be best friends?

(Thanks to Jodisue for the link)

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