Satanic Activist Reveals Trump-Themed Festivus Pole Which He Hopes To Set On Fire December 1, 2016

Satanic Activist Reveals Trump-Themed Festivus Pole Which He Hopes To Set On Fire

Satanic activist and general provocateur Chaz Stevens gained notoriety a few years ago when he successfully got a Festivus pole (made of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans) installed in the Florida State Capitol building. Last year, he erected a new rainbow-colored pole honoring gay pride installed outside the Oklahoma State Capitol.

What’s he doing this year?

He just installed a “Distress-ivus Pole, the Orange Hindenburg Edition” — referring, of course, to President-elect Donald Trump — outside of Deerfield Beach, Florida, right next to a Nativity scene also on the property.



Recognizing Donald’s hands, we’ve made this year’s pole smaller. Standing a dwarfish five-feet tall, Distress-ivus features an upside-down American flag (signaling the distress of 2.5 million American who represented the voting majority), the infamous red ball cap, and a giant safety pin.

Stevens has also received permission to put the pole inside both the Washington and Florida State Capitol buildings. He’s still waiting for approval from several other places, including Chicago.

He’s also applied for a permit to set fire to the pole in Deerfield Beach — to complete the symbolism. No response yet from city officials.

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