Preacher Speaks in Tongues in Mississippi Church to Celebrate Defeat of “Jezebel” Hillary Clinton November 29, 2016

Preacher Speaks in Tongues in Mississippi Church to Celebrate Defeat of “Jezebel” Hillary Clinton

Members of the Evangel Temple in Meridian, Mississippi spoke in Jesus gibberish recently to celebrate the election of a thrice-married con artist (a.k.a. God’s Chosen Candidate) and the defeat of “Jezebel” Hillary Clinton.


There’s a lot going on in that video, so you’ll appreciate Raw Story’s transcript of Pastor John Kilpatrick, who was visiting the church to deliver a guest sermon:

“The last eight years, we have had in our government as system that has tried to capture the minds of Americans,” Kilpatrick opined. “It has tried to tell us what we think, what we can say, what we must not say. It has tried to tell us how we feel about terrorism, Islamic terrorism. It’s tried to tell us how we should feel about abortion.”

“We’ve had an election now, things are going to open up, God’s spirit is going to begin to move again in America,” the pastor said, adding, “Sha yi ya yi ya yi ya ya. Praise him! Woo!”

“Sha ba ba la ba ta la rosa ta la la!” the pastor exclaimed. “Freedom! Freedom again! Freedom! Freedom to lift your voice. Freedom to praise the Lord. Woo hoo! Aye yay yay yay. Ha ra da sa da da.”

“Victory, finally, victory!” Kilpatrick declared. “Thank the Lord for the victory! Thank you for saving our nation! Thank you, Lord, for bringing Jezebel down!

Well, at least Kilpatrick got the “woo” part right…

You know, I have a hard time believing that the Obama administration told us all how to think when I’ve spent the past eight years posting story after story about what his critics have said. It’s not like some magical spell was broken after Donald Trump‘s election. (And what exactly did Obama tell us to think about Islamic terrorism other than “it’s bad”?)

Given how ridiculous Kilpatrick sounds when he speaks, it’s only a matter of time before Trump invites him to join his Cabinet.

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