Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter Will Soon Have a Coliseum Diorama with Romans, Shields… and a Dinosaur November 29, 2016

Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter Will Soon Have a Coliseum Diorama with Romans, Shields… and a Dinosaur

One of the (many, many) problems with a museum dedicated to Creationism is that the exhibits don’t necessarily change. It’s not like they care about new information. So if there is a change, it’s only because the staff created a new way to waft the odor coming from their steaming piles of horseshit.

Ken Ham just announced plans to install a new “coliseum diorama” in Ark Encounter next year… but if you look closely at the Facebook images he posted with that announcement, something stands out.

It’s not the Romans. It’s not their shields. But what the hell is a dinosaur doing in the mix?



It’s not a joke. (Well, it is a joke, but you know what I mean.) If you walk through the Creation Museum, you’ll see dinosaurs and humans interacting everywhere you look. They have to. There’s no other way for people like Ham to account for their existence when he insists on compressing all of time into a few thousand years.

Either the Bible is wrong or the Flintstones is a documentary, and he’s going with the latter.

That means, in his view, dinosaurs were also on Noah’s Ark. (Don’t worry. I’m sure they were all vegetarian. Even the T-Rex.)

Here’s what I’d like to know: Were the shields protecting these Romans from the dinosaurs? If so, how? Could we place bets on dinosaurs doing battle with each other? How did anyone tame them? And what does the Coliseum have to do with Noah’s Ark?

So many questions. So few answers. Maybe after they’re done installing this diorama, they can get to work on an exhibit that features some facts. There’s a first time for everything.

(Thanks to Mark for the link)

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