Would You Change Your Mind if There Was Strong Evidence Suggesting You Were Wrong? November 25, 2016

Would You Change Your Mind if There Was Strong Evidence Suggesting You Were Wrong?

Anthony Magnabosco is a “street epistemologist” who enjoys chatting with strangers to get to the bottom of how they think. He probes their methods and asks them to explain how they decide what’s true. Since many religious people were raised with their beliefs, and they didn’t come to them through logic and reason, it makes for a very interesting discussion.

Anthony’s latest video isn’t about religion, per se, but it shows just how difficult it can be to get through to some people when they’re convinced of their beliefs. The man he speaks to is opposed to the legalization of marijuana, and Anthony wants an answer to a simple question: If someone could present him with five good reasons for legalizing it, would the man change his mind?

The ensuing, infuriating conversation is similar to one I’m sure many of you dealt with at the dinner table last night.


It’s like Creationist Ken Ham saying no amount of evidence in support of evolution would ever get him to change his mind on that subject because, to him, it would mean rejecting the “truth” of the Bible. If closed-minded people refuse to listen to reason, what hope is there of ever getting through to them?

The only thing we can do is try to prevent people from ever reaching that level of dogmatism.

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