Evangelical Meteorologist Wants Fellow Christians to Accept the Realities of Climate Change November 24, 2016

Evangelical Meteorologist Wants Fellow Christians to Accept the Realities of Climate Change

The good news is that Paul Douglas, an evangelical Christian and meteorologist, accepts the realities of climate change and he’s doing everything in his power to make sure other Christians know it.

The bad news is that it takes someone like him to reach out to fellow evangelicals because they’ve learned to ignore all the other reasonable people on this issue.


“I figured if people didn’t want to hear from scientists, maybe they’d listen to a minister and a meteorologist,” said Douglas.

I wish he were wrong, but I don’t think he is. Douglas is the author of a new book called Caring for Creation: The Evangelical’s Guide to Climate Change and a Healthy Environment. It’s all about how Christians must do their part to preserve God’s creation and reminds them that facts aren’t the enemy:

“Being open to data, facts and science doesn’t make you a liberal,” he writes in the book. “It makes you literate. Scientifically literate. It means you favor data, facts and evidence over conspiracy theories, manufactured misinformation, and cherry-picked industry spins.”

It’s a great message. I hope he gets through to people who may be faith-based climate deniers.

But maybe the bigger problem here is that evangelicals no longer care about facts, data, science, evidence, reason, and other foundations of an educated society, choosing instead to believe far-out conspiracy theories when it comes to climate change, evolution, sex education, and how women’s bodies work.

It shouldn’t take someone like Paul Douglas to educate evangelicals on climate change just as it shouldn’t take Francis Collins to educate them on evolution. But that’s what happens when pastors across the country have convinced their congregations that they’re being persecuted by people outside their bubble, the ones who accept reality.

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