California Atheist Group Vows to Defend Religious Minorities Threatened by Donald Trump November 24, 2016

California Atheist Group Vows to Defend Religious Minorities Threatened by Donald Trump

There are a lot of questions regarding what Donald Trump will do to Muslim Americans in this country once he takes office, but the San Luis Obispo (California) chapter of Atheists United is vowing to stand up for all religious minorities in the name of freedom.


A letter from one of the group’s board members, David Leidner, was just published in the SLO Tribune:

The words and deeds of President-elect Donald Trump during his campaign have caused concern among millions of Americans who value the separation of government from religion. From policies targeting religious minorities, to selecting a vice president opposed to gay rights on religious grounds, to pledges to appoint Supreme Court justices who would set back the rights of women under the guise of “religious liberty,” Mr. Trump is at odds with the majority of Americans and with true religious freedom.

To anyone whose status as an equal member of our community is threatened by religious discrimination, know this: Atheists United stands with you.

That’s a wonderful message — and one local atheist groups everywhere would do well to use as a template. We have our theological differences with religious groups, but atheists should be aware that if the government begins targeting one religious group, it won’t be long before they come after us, too. All the more reason to defend everyone’s right to peacefully practice their faith as they see fit.

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