God and Guns Prove a Fatal Combination at Indian Wedding November 18, 2016

God and Guns Prove a Fatal Combination at Indian Wedding

Sadhvi Deva Thakur, an Indian mystic and self-proclaimed “god-woman,” is a fugitive from justice after accidentally shooting four wedding guests with celebratory gunfire. One person died.

From the BBC:

In a video of the incident that took place on Tuesday in the northern state of Haryana, Sadhvi Deva Thakur is first seen firing from a revolver and then a double-barrel gun. A few of her guards are also seen shooting along with her.

Indian media reports quoted stunned guests at the wedding as saying that the Sadhvi, which is the Hindi word for holy woman or god woman, walked up to the dance floor, asked the DJ to play a song of her choice, and began dancing. And, much to the horror of everyone around, shooting.


Reports said families of both the bride and the groom pleaded with her to stop, but their entreaties fell on deaf ears. It was only when the groom’s 50-year-old aunt collapsed after being hit by a stray bullet and three others were critically injured, that the firing stopped.

In the confusion that followed, the Sadhvi and her six guards escaped. Police have registered a case of murder against the seven and are trying to track them down.

The god-woman also made headlines last year, when

… police registered a case against her for saying that Muslims and Christians must undergo sterilization to restrict their growing population.

Thanks to the trigger-happy sadhvi, India’s population has indeed diminished — by one. Let’s hope she is apprehended before more blood is spilled.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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