We’ve Got a Fake News Problem, and Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones is on the Case! November 17, 2016

We’ve Got a Fake News Problem, and Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones is on the Case!

In the estimation of who knows how many thinkpieces since the election, one of the factors that may have swayed the vote in Donald Trump‘s favor was the proliferation of “fake news” on social media. That was the case from sites people didn’t realize were satirical, to those looking to trick people into accepting and sharing news stories that sounded true but really weren’t, to conspiracy sites that published false stories earnestly believing them to be true. Sites like Alex Jones‘ Infowars!

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Helpfully, some people are working to combat that. Melissa Zimdars, an assistant professor of communication at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, has created a publicly available Google Doc of sites that traffic in fake news.

But Alex Jones? He wants to be helpful too. So he’s joining in on the fight against “fake news”… by creating the “Infowars Fake News Analysis Center to combat lies and fake stories being pushed by the Mainstream Media.” (That sound you hear is an irony meter going off in the distance.)

According to Jones — who, among other things, believes the government is putting chemicals in children’s juice boxes to turn them gay as a means of population control — the real culprits in the dissemination of “fake news” are members of the “mainstream media.” Mostly because they make fun of him and his ideas about the “New World Order” and “One World Government,” which he knows is true (because President Obama, a Rockefeller, and the Illuminati are in cahoots… or something like that.)

Those third-party fake news sites? Jones says the mainstream media created them so they can later decry “fake news” and then use that to discredit sites like Infowars. It only makes sense.

What’s happening is very, very simple. Mainstream dinosaur discredited media that have fake pollsters and fake media analysts and all the disinformation that’s been totally repudiated and proven to be a lie… Their now desperate attempts to flood the web through third party sites they control with so much fake news and disinformation that it discredits the entire web itself. And then they will preside over the false flag they’ve staged and claim that they can only be trusted.

Not to be a downer here, but practically every media company, newspaper, website in the country is downsizing like crazy these days. They barely have enough money to pay their actual employees, and people are getting laid off left and right. Where on earth would they get the money to pay anyone to run these “false flag” sites for the explicit purpose of discrediting Alex Jones?

Especially when the easiest and most cost-effective way to discredit Alex Jones is to play clips of Alex Jones?

Like “Hey! Alex Jones thinks Hillary Clinton is a literal demon person who smells like sulfur!” or “Hey! Alex Jones thinks no one actually died at Sandy Hook, despite all the people who are very clearly dead now!”

But, then again, Occam’s Razor is probably yet another thing created by the One World Government and the Mainstream Media to keep Alex Jones down.

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