Dr. Ben Carson is on the Shortlist to Become Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education November 11, 2016

Dr. Ben Carson is on the Shortlist to Become Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education

As President-elect Donald Trump puts together his whatever-the-opposite-of-a-Team-of-Rivals is, one of the many disturbing possible appointments reported by BuzzFeed is Dr. Ben Carson as Secretary of Education.


That would be the same Carson who wants to eliminate the non-existent “ban on Christianity in our public schools.”

The same guy who thinks “Joseph built the pyramids to store grain.”

The same guy who defended his evolution denial by saying it didn’t stop him from becoming a surgeon.

Attorney Andrew Seidel adds:

Ben Carson is for a vast expansion of vouchers, claiming that “the best education is homeschool, the next is private schools.” He has called public schools “the best propaganda system in the world.” Carson has also wanted banners displayed in public schools with the acronym “THINK BIG,” when the “G is for God.” According to his book, he’s still bitter about not being allowed to use public schools to promote his personal religion.

The common thread here is Carson putting his religion-addled worldview above facts and the mountains (pyramids?) of evidence that support those facts.

That guy could be the top education official in the country.

The only way it could get worse is if Trump just appointing the entire Texas State Board of Education to the same position.

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