An Ignorant Petition to Ban an After School Satan Club Has More Than 87,000 Signatures November 11, 2016

An Ignorant Petition to Ban an After School Satan Club Has More Than 87,000 Signatures

As we learned a couple of days ago, Sacramento Elementary School in Portland, Oregon will soon host the first-ever meeting of an After School Satan club.


They’re doing everything by the book in terms of following the same rules agreed to by the (Christian) Good News Club, which meets on the same day at the same time.

But a Catholic organization called America Needs Fatima has launched a petition asking the District to just ban the group from meeting, and it’s been signed by more than 87,000 people:

Sacramento Elementary has allowed the Satanic Temple to open an After School Satan Club on their premises!

These clubs:

• Deny the existence of God
• Reject the idea of eternal punishment for evil or reward for good
• Foster unconcern for sin and Hell
• Replace Christian charity with atheistic humanitarianism

Oppose Christian clubs in public schools.

This is a danger for children and the future of education!

Send your voice of protest. Satan should not be allowed with our children.

There are so many things wrong with that petition… (including the fact that they forgot the fifth bullet point, so that it looks like they’re asking us to “oppose Christian clubs in public schools.”)

The ASS club will not indoctrinate students into atheism. Its goal is to get kids thinking critically, not thinking a particular way about God.

What’s wrong with “atheistic humanitarianism”? Teaching kids to be generous ought to be celebrated, no matter your background. Is money touched by atheists somehow tainted?

More importantly, though, if this petition succeeded and the Satanic club was banned from meeting, then every other club would be banned too. That includes the Christian club. This may look like a petition to ban After School Satan, but it’s simultaneously a petition to ban after-school Bible clubs.

I would personally prefer having more groups over no groups…

It seems that the people who wrote this petition have no idea how the law works. And you can tell by the template letter they’re asking people to send to the District:

To: Sacramento Elementary School,

I strongly protest the After School Satan Club to be allowed on your premises.

This is a grave threat to the spiritual life of children and the future of education.

I urge you to revoke the Satanic Temple’s permit. Satan has no place in education. Don’t let the devil near our children.


The District doesn’t have a choice here. They opened the door to clubs that deal with religion, so they have to deal with the consequences. To ban the Satanists while keeping the Christians would break all sorts of laws.

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