Pastor: Babies in Our Church Heard Prayers on TV, Grew Silent, and Raised Their Arms in Unison November 9, 2016

Pastor: Babies in Our Church Heard Prayers on TV, Grew Silent, and Raised Their Arms in Unison

Last night, in a live election night broadcast convened by Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Pastor George Pearsons (who runs Copeland’s Eagle Mountain International Church and is married to Copeland’s daughter Terri) told a rather interesting and dubious story.

He said that he broadcast a prayer meeting inside his church’s nursery last Wednesday night, and wouldn’t you know it, all the babies raised their arms together in worship.


GEORGE PEARSONS: We’ve got an outpouring of spirit with the babies! We had babies lifting their hands in a service. They were over there, in the children’s area — the babies’ area — on Wednesday night, and they started praying, and they have our service on the screen. The kids were crying. The babies were crying. And when they started praying on the screen — I’m telling you the truth, I would not lie — these babies were lifting up their hands.

TERRI PEARSONS: All of them in the room!


TERRI PEARSONS: And the workers noticed it!


TERRI PEARSONS: It got quiet and their little hands went up. That has never happened before. It has to be God.

Sure they were… as if the babies all wanted to pray to Jesus along with the people on TV.

There’s no video evidence of this happening, of course.

We weren’t told how old these babies were, though the “Superkid” ministry runs from childbirth through kindergarten. We weren’t reminded that babies will generally gravitate toward noise and maybe even try to get closer to it. None of that.

Just complete acceptance that these babies, likely too young to process what they were listening to or what it meant, were mini-Christians who couldn’t get enough God. And they did it silently and simultaneously.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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