Julie Fahey, Openly Non-Theistic Candidate Running for Oregon State House, Has Won November 9, 2016

Julie Fahey, Openly Non-Theistic Candidate Running for Oregon State House, Has Won

Julie Fahey, an openly non-theistic candidate running for Oregon State House in District 14, has won her race. And it was a close one.



After her primary victory, there was reason to be optimistic, but this was still a tough seat to win.

This is Fahey’s biography, as offered by the Freethought Equality Fund, which endorsed her earlier this year:

Julie Fahey is seeking election to Oregon’s 14th State House District. Fahey, who doesn’t identify with any religion, believes “critical thinking and science can best help us understand our world.” Her public policy decisions will be “guided by evidence and a rational approach to decision-making, rather than by dogma or religious beliefs.” She is passionate about protecting the environment, expanding economic opportunities, improving education, defending a woman’s right to choose, and will be a “tireless voice against discrimination in all its forms.” Fahey has spent the last 15 years in the private sector helping businesses and nonprofits pay and treat their employees fairly to create positive work environments. This is an open seat with the current incumbent running for Oregon’s Secretary of State.

That’s the biography of a truly progressive candidate.

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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