“Pro-Life” Priest Who Put Aborted Fetus on Altar Is Kinda-Sorta Sorry About That November 8, 2016

“Pro-Life” Priest Who Put Aborted Fetus on Altar Is Kinda-Sorta Sorry About That

Priests For Life National Director Father Frank Pavone made quite a splash over the weekend after releasing a Facebook video in which he asked Catholics to vote for Donald Trump… in part by placing an aborted fetus on the altar in front of him. Because that’s how much he hates abortion.


Even his anti-abortion cohorts felt he had gone a tad too far, with other Catholics calling his actions sacrilegious. Which is not surprising. Considering they didn’t allow women at the altar (except to clean it) until 1983, one would have to assume it’s going to be at least another 100 years before they are cool with a bloody fetus.

After all that pushback, Father Frank decided to make another video in which he kinda-sorta-maybe-if-you-squint apologizes for the weird dead fetus monologue. You know, for the people who were somehow offended by that kind of thing.

The real scandal, claims Father Frank, is that people are voting for Hillary Clinton and that they are calling him a bad guy for “calling attention” to the “reality of abortion.”

“You know,” he continued, “for this I’m not going to apologize, for calling her out, for calling out the Democratic Party, for calling out those Democratic politicians who they never want to describe what they defend, they defend legal abortion but they’ll never describe it, and God forbid someone like me who’s simply trying to end a holocaust should show them the reality of abortion. Oh, then they get apoplectic and now I’m the bad guy. I’m the bad guy!

Yep. Or at least the really, really creepy guy. One of the two.

Father Frank, with no clear symptoms of Catholic guilt, continued to implore his fellow Catholics — and fellow people who “dress like him” — to vote for Trump. Because abortion. Because never mind all those poor people or Mexicans (a large percentage of whom are Catholic). The real issue is that women are having abortions safely and legally instead of throwing themselves down the stairs or using wire hangers as the Good Lord intended.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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