A Portland (OR) Elementary School Will Soon Host the First-Ever After School Satan Club Meeting November 8, 2016

A Portland (OR) Elementary School Will Soon Host the First-Ever After School Satan Club Meeting

It’s official! An elementary school in Portland, Oregon will host the first-ever meeting of an After School Satan club next week.


And just for good measure, it’ll take place at the same time as a meeting of the (Christian) Good News Club.

The first meeting of the After School Satan Club has been set for November 16 at 11:45 a.m. According to a press release from the Portland Chapter of The Satanic Temple, the first session will be an open house for Sacramento Elementary School parents, students, teachers and staff.

“Unlike the Good News Club,” said the press release, “After School Satan Club does not try to convert children to one religious ideology. Instead, it exposes children to different belief systems and encourages them to think for themselves.”

What? Thinking for themselves?! That goes against everything these Good News Club leaders stand for. They prefer indoctrinating children before they ever start asking pesky questions.

Remember: Given that the group is following all the rules, the District has no right to say no to this meeting. To shut them down would mean shutting down the Christian club as well.

So, for now, let’s all wish the ASS club the best of luck with the first meeting. May there be many more. And let’s hope they have medical supplies handy for when all those Christian parents’ heads explode.

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