Nigerian “Prophet” Wants Credit for Predicting Hillary Clinton Will Win the Election November 7, 2016

Nigerian “Prophet” Wants Credit for Predicting Hillary Clinton Will Win the Election

I know we always mock religious “prophets” who make absurd predictions about how the world works, but TB Joshua of Nigeria’s Synagogue Church of All Nations shouldn’t get any credit for predicting the obvious.

On Sunday, he went on Facebook to inform his millions of followers that he had a vision… that Hillary Clinton will become the next U.S. President.


Wow. No one’s going to see that coming… except every pollster everywhere. (What “suspense” is he talking about?)

And yet that “prediction” garnered plenty of news stories over the weekend.

As nervous as I am about Tuesday, a Clinton victory is all but assured assuming there are no more shenanigans in the next 48 hours. The polls have her ahead in virtually every battleground state, and the bigger question seems to be how much she’ll win by, not if she’ll win.

I’d be more impressed if Joshua told us how many Senate seats Democrats would pick up and how many Electoral College votes Clinton would get. FiveThirtyEight has projections on all that already… for some reason, they give the credit to math and statistic, not divine inspiration.

Can’t wait for Joshua’s “victory” speech after the election. I predict he’ll take credit for “seeing” Clinton’s victory in advance before asking everyone for donations.

(Thanks to Nii for the link)

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