Christian Who Said Cleveland Would Win the World Series Now Says Their Loss Was Part of God’s Plan November 4, 2016

Christian Who Said Cleveland Would Win the World Series Now Says Their Loss Was Part of God’s Plan

A few days ago, Religious Right activist Lance Wallnau told his Facebook fans that the Cleveland Indians were going to beat the Chicago Cubs in the World Series because — wait for it — protesters forced Donald Trump to cancel a rally in Chicago earlier this year while the Republican National Convention was held in Cleveland.

And we all know which political party God belongs to.


“I got a feeling that Cleveland might win just because I think the [Republican] National Convention is a prophetic statement,” he stated, “and Chicago was the one city where the corruption of the Clinton machine organized mobs to produce violence [that] was so disastrous that Trump couldn’t do his meeting there … I would suggest to you that I think Cleveland might win simply because Chicago was naughty and the spirit over Chicago has been disobedient.

Wallnau made that video after Cleveland had a 3-2 lead with two games to go at their home field — there was a good chance his “prediction” would come true. But, as you may have heard, Cleveland did not win the World Series.

Which leads to an interesting question: What happens when your “prophetic statement” turns out to be wrong?

Do you apologize? Do you admit God gave you bad information? Of course not.

Wallnau put out another video yesterday. This time, he revised his prediction after the fact to show that the Cubs’ win was also part of God’s Master Plan.

Kyle Mantyla of Right Wing Watch has a good summary of the new statement:

… [Wallnau] declared that the Cubs victory was still a prophetic sign that Trump will win the election.

The Indians lost the World Series at their home stadium, Progressive Field, which signaled to Wallnau that Republicans will have a very difficult time beating the progressive movement, as represented by Hillary Clinton. Admitting that the Cubs’ win could be seen as “an omen that Hillary might win the election,” Wallnau proclaimed that “the very thought of [that] is so distasteful” to him that he had to change his prophecy to predict a Trump victory.

After saying that the last time the Cubs won the World Series in 1908 was also the year of the Azusa Street Revival (it wasn’t) and that this victory represents the breaking of the Curse of the Bambino (wrong again), Wallnau declared that the result of the World Series shows that the “curse” over America is breaking and “a fresh wind is blowing,” meaning that the church’s “long-standing losing streak” is coming to an end

Amazing, isn’t it, that his prophecy came true (even though it totally didn’t)?! He must have a direct line to God.

I just don’t know why he didn’t tell us both of these possibilities before Game 7…

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