Podcast Ep. 133: Phil Vischer, Co-Creator of VeggieTales October 30, 2016

Podcast Ep. 133: Phil Vischer, Co-Creator of VeggieTales

Our latest podcast guest is Phil Vischer, the animator, puppeteer, writer, voice actor, and songwriter who co-created the animated Christian series VeggieTales.


Phil’s production company grew to over 200 workers by the year 2000 due to the success of VeggieTales before a lawsuit sent the company into bankruptcy and forced him to basically start over again. He now runs Jellyfish Labs, where he produces faith-based content. He also hosts the Phil Vischer Podcast which is a very entertaining show all about Christianity in a post-Christian America.

We spoke with Phil about why Christian media is so cringeworthy, how he tells Bible stories that may offend parts of his audience, and what the hell is happening with evangelicals in the upcoming election.

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