There Will Be a God’s Not Dead 3, Says Studio Head October 28, 2016

There Will Be a God’s Not Dead 3, Says Studio Head

The movie franchise that lied about atheist college professors, and then lied again about atheists trying to punish a Christian school teacher, will soon be re-resurrected with a third film.

David A.R. White, one of the heads of the movie studio Pure Flix, told today that God’s Not Dead 3 is in the works:

GND3 I have heard rumors there’s going to be a “God’s Not Dead 3”. Can you confirm that?

David A.R. White: You know what? Those rumors are correct as far as I know. Yes. We are working. I don’t know if you saw the Easter egg in “God’s Not Dead 2” by any chance. If you sat through the credits, there’s was that little scene on there that really leads into what “God’s Not Dead 3” is about. So yeah, we are in the planning stages for it. We’ve just been in a lot of prayer and trying to figure out exactly what God wants number 3 to be. Because you know we don’t just want to just do what we want to do, we really want to follow where God is leading on these movies.

The Easter egg scene features a pastor (played by White) getting arrested and told to hand over his sermons:

That may be a reference to something that happened in Houston, Texas a couple of years ago, when city officials subpoenaed certain pastors’ sermons in a case involving the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), which was up for a referendum vote and eventually failed. Conservatives howled about those subpoenas, but officials were never trying to punish pastors for speaking out against homosexuality. They just wanted to figure out if pastors’ instructions to their congregations about signing petitions against HERO matched up with what their lawyers were saying in the courtroom.

In other words, if that scene is a hint about the plot of God’s Not Dead 3, the series will once again distort reality to serve a Christian agenda.

It’s not surprising that a third film is happening, though. The first one cost $2 million to make and made over $60 million. The sequel cost an estimated $5 million and made $20 million.

If you’re minting money by lying about how atheists act, might as well keep going, right? It’s not like the Bible ever said anything about lying.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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