WorldNetDaily Founder: The Real “Deplorables” Are Atheists, Muslims, and Women Who Have Abortions October 25, 2016

WorldNetDaily Founder: The Real “Deplorables” Are Atheists, Muslims, and Women Who Have Abortions

When Hillary Clinton said “half of Trump supporters” belong in a “basket of deplorables,” she was specifically referring to people who were “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, [and] Islamophobic.” You know. Deplorable people. If you’re not one of those things, she wasn’t talking about you. It’s just that simple.

But WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah wants you to know that Clinton has her own set of deplorable supporters. And they include all of us.


For one thing, Hillary Clinton seems to have pulled together a coalition of, shall we say kindly, “non-traditional” voters?

  • people on the government dole
  • illegal voters
  • cop haters
  • those who detest the military
  • Jew haters
  • Christian bashers
  • those who sacrifice children to the god of convenience
  • Communists
  • leftist ideologues
  • God deniers
  • gender benders
  • Muslims

We made the list! *High five*

Though he could’ve shortened that list and just said, “Everyone who’s not me.”

I’ll take issue with just one of those items for now: There are no “Christian bashers.” Just because Farah cries persecution doesn’t mean anyone is actually persecuting him. If anyone is doing damage to the Christian brand, it’s paranoid conspiracy theorists like him, not the atheists he wants to blame for everything that’s wrong with our country.

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