A Christian Woman Talks About Why She’s Scared of Abandoning Her Faith October 23, 2016

A Christian Woman Talks About Why She’s Scared of Abandoning Her Faith

Anthony Magnabosco is a “street epistemologist” who enjoys chatting with strangers to get to the bottom of how they think. He probes their methods and asks them to explain how they decide what’s true. Since many religious people were raised with their beliefs, and they didn’t come to them through logic and reason, it makes for a very interesting discussion.

Anthony’s latest video features a woman named Katie who says at one point that she’s genuinely scared about abandoning her faith, even if she accepts scientific explanations, because “what’s the big fucking meaning of living”? It’s an emotional scene that I’m sure has played out in the minds of many doubters.


She deserves a lot of credit for being so open and honest. Most people, at least in my experience, aren’t willing to question their own beliefs because it’s uncomfortable. She did so with a complete stranger. Who knows where she goes from here, but the first step to shedding your faith is accepting that you believe certain things without evidence.

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