Atheists and UW-Madison Students Proudly Counter Westboro Baptist Church’s Latest Protest October 21, 2016

Atheists and UW-Madison Students Proudly Counter Westboro Baptist Church’s Latest Protest

The Westboro Baptist Church was in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday protesting… oh, does it even matter anymore?

The good news is that staffers from the Freedom From Religion Foundation were there, and so were the Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics at UW-Madison. Chris Line (an FFRF legal extern) took some incredible pictures of the event:




That top picture features FFRF attorney Andrew Seidel, who summarized his experience wearing that shirt:

After we took the photos, she read my shirt and said, “That’s your imagination,” referring to the T-shirt’s proclamation of my unbelief. Yup, she tried to tell me I wasn’t actually an atheist.

I assured her that I was indeed a nonbeliever and she came back with a tired biblical quote. I retorted with the tried and true rejoinder:

Her: “The fool has said in her heart there is no god.”
Me: “And the wise man says it out loud. There is no god.”

After some stuttering and stammering, she turned away and began to shout and sing again. But I got the feeling that she wanted to spit on my shirt.

And, in case you’re wondering (because I sure did), O.S.S. Madison is a popular place to get sausage/bratwurst. The letters stand for whatever you damn well want them to stand for.

Westboro, as usual, remained in their own little hate-bubble the whole time.

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