This is Why We Must Fight for a Secular World October 19, 2016

This is Why We Must Fight for a Secular World

YouTuber Alex J. O’Connor (a.k.a. CosmicSkeptic) beautifully explains why our world could use a little more secularism:


Here’s just one excerpt:

I wish that we could live in an educational environment which promotes skepticism and freedom of thought. One in which no ideology is held beyond the ability to criticize. One which expels bad ideas, promotes no particular religious dogma, and teaches children that “Yes, your beliefs are probably just fine, but guess what? So are other people’s.”

If this was a universal reality, albeit quite a quixotic one, don’t you think that radicalization, religious authoritarianism, and holy wars would be a thing of the past?

Now how do I get that music playing every time I write a post?

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