Jerry Falwell, Jr. Doesn’t Really Care If Donald Trump Sexually Assaulted Some Ladies October 13, 2016

Jerry Falwell, Jr. Doesn’t Really Care If Donald Trump Sexually Assaulted Some Ladies

Ever since the Washington Post released video of a conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush, in which the former described his tendency to kiss random women and “grab them by the pussy,” women have been coming out of the woodwork accusing him of having done just that.

As a result, many former supporters have started to back the hell away, hoping they’ll still be able to salvage their already tarnished careers from the dumpster fire that has been the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

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But the deeply holy Jerry Falwell, Jr. is standing by his man. And intends to do so whether or not it turns out he really did grab some ladies by the pussy. Because, don’t you know, Trump is a changed man now.

Falwell explained on CNN that he was pretty sure Trump had changed a lot “in the last four or five years” and, when directly asked if the allegations being true would impact his support, said that it’s totally fine to support the kind of person who did that, because Jesus hung out with sinners all the time.

“It is not up to me to forgive anybody. I’m not, I’m not Jesus Christ. It is only Jesus who can forgive. And he can forgive anybody. All of us, we’re all redeemable. And like I said, Jesus was accused of being a friend of sinners when he was here on Earth. And it is not up to us to forgive. It is up to us to decide who would be the best president of the United States, who would take the right position on the issues to make America great again.”

So weird how Falwell and friends are totally fine with “sinners,” just so long as they are the kind of sinners he’d like to be President. Anytime anyone else does something these people don’t like, it’s “You’re gonna burn in hell! You’re causing all the hurricanes!” — but when it’s someone they like, it’s “Oh gee, well, we’re ALL sinners. Jesus hung out with sinners. Not up to anyone but Jesus to do the judging!”

By the way, the Liberty University “honor code” states that the school is allowed to “discriminate on the basis of sexual misconduct, including, but not limited to, non-marital sexual misconduct, homosexual conduct, or the encouragement or advocacy of any form of sexual behavior that would undermine the Christian identity.”

Surely, Falwell would never want someone for President that he would not hire to teach at his own university. I guess he apparently considers being gay a much worse sin than grabbing a woman’s vagina without her permission.

(via Talking Points Memo. Screenshot via YouTube)

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