Islamic School That Said Men Can Beat Their Wives is Shutting Down After Ex-Muslim’s Expose October 13, 2016

Islamic School That Said Men Can Beat Their Wives is Shutting Down After Ex-Muslim’s Expose

We’ve featured Aliyah Saleem on this site a few times before because of her excellent videos teaching other ex-Muslim women how to get through Ramadan and remove their hijab for good.


I had no idea, however, that Saleem (a co-founder of Faith to Faithless) helped shut down the Islamic boarding school she once attended.

She was kicked out of Jamia Al-Hudaa girls’ school (in Nottingham, England) in 2006 for the “crime” of owning a disposable camera. Once she was expelled, she let the world know (under a pseudonym) how she didn’t receive much of an education at all — and what she did learn was profoundly disturbing.

(That story comes from the Daily Mail, which I know is unreliable, but the original was published in the more reputable Times, behind a paywall. Saleem has also shared the story in other venues.)

Following her expulsion Ms Saleem spoke out… saying she was not taught geography, history, art or music.

Instead, she was taught that death sentence could be given to gay men; that Jews and Christians make Allah angry; and that men should be allowed to beat their wives.

UK regulators, prompted by her story, looked into the school and found good reason to be concerned:

… an Ofsted inspection in April found that there were ‘inadequacies’ in safeguarding pupils, including insufficiently trained staff and bullying, and ordered the school close its residential operations.

That ignores the very disturbing specifics of the curriculum, a very glaring omission, but without the money they make from renting out dorms, the school will have to shut down. Parents have to pick up their daughters by next Tuesday.

I just hope those girls are transferred to real schools, ones in which they’re respected and where they’ll obtain a real education.

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