Christian Theologian: I Still Support Donald Trump Because Hillary Clinton is Worse Than Hitler October 11, 2016

Christian Theologian: I Still Support Donald Trump Because Hillary Clinton is Worse Than Hitler

Christian theologian Dr. Norman Geisler made clear weeks ago that he supported Donald Trump. But that was before we learned that Trump bragged about grabbing women “by the pussy,” lost two debates, and saw the support of many establishment Republicans vanish.

Does Geisler still endorse Trump today? That’s what Christianity Today‘s Ed Stetzer wanted to know. And Geisler did not disappoint, doubling-down on his past comments and calling Hillary Clinton worse than Hitler:


… there is less chance that Hillary will change her views and become a pro-life supporter than that Trump will become pro-abortion after he is elected. So, if you want to save unborn lives, your odds are much better with Trump.

we have aborted nearly 60 million unborn human beings under Roe v. Wade since 1973 — a decision that Hillary ardently supports. Reportedly, Hitler only killed about 12 million people. So when Hillary supporters point to Trump’s flaws, do we not have a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black!

1) There’s a big difference, which Geisler ignores, between “killing” 60 million cells that haven’t become people yet and purging the world of several million living, breathing human beings.

2) It’s absurd that a Christian who supposedly promotes Christian values would let everything else about Trump slide — sexual assault, racism, religious bigotry, ignorance, etc. — in order to get his way on the abortion issue. It’s clear he doesn’t care about Christian values. He just cares about his pet issue. The world can burn as long as Geisler gets to force a woman to bear her rapist’s child.

3) He’s wrong on his most important point! If he wanted to prevent abortions, Clinton would be a far better choice for two reasons.

First, Trump is going to have a hard time banning abortion even if he made it into the White House and had the support of both houses of Congress. The Republican Party loves to talk about protecting the unborn, but they’d be in serious trouble if they ever passed legislation forcing women to carry their babies to term. The ramifications would be huge, and it would show just how little the GOP cares about women’s health. Would doctors go to prison? Would women be penalized? What about women who are victims of rape? What happens when women revolt against the GOP for interfering with their bodies?

The fact is, the GOP gets more value in talking about anti-abortion policy than actually passing any.

Second, Geisler is just flat-out wrong when he says “if you want to save unborn lives, your odds are much better with Trump.” Not true at all. Clinton supports access to contraception, health care for children, and reducing poverty. Those contribute to lowering abortion rates. Indeed, abortion rates are the lowest in 40 years under President Obama and his policies. (The rates also lowered when President Bill Clinton was in office.)

4) Geisler repeats a line about how “we are not voting for Pastor-in-Chief. Rather, we are voting for Commander-in-Chief.” But when evangelical pastors continue to support a man who doesn’t really give a damn about their faith and acts in a way that would embarrass pastors if members of their congregation did it, what’s the message they’re sending?

We wouldn’t want Trump in charge of our church… but the person who’s actually in charge of our church believes everything Trump does can be excused.

Geisler is too blinded by his Jesus-tinted glasses to admit that Hillary Clinton, the Methodist who taught Sunday school classes, and running mate Tim Kaine, who attended Catholic schools and served as a missionary in Honduras, are really better representatives in public office for Christians. Not only that, their policies could go a long way to advancing many of the Religious Right’s supposed goals — helping those who struggle the most, fixing our broken criminal justice system, and (yes) further reducing abortion rates.

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