Texas Minister Says He Can’t Support Trump After His Lewd Comments. When Will Others Do the Same? October 9, 2016

Texas Minister Says He Can’t Support Trump After His Lewd Comments. When Will Others Do the Same?

Chris Beard is a Christian minister from Texas, and he recently did something a number of prominent conservative leaders still refuse to do: He unequivocally disavowed Donald Trump and told the world he will not be voting for the Republican candidate come November.


Writing on his personal website, Chris says he was prompted by the recent revelation of Trump treating women as his personal sex toys — people he could grab “by the pussy” and touch without consent.

I’ve kept quiet so far (perhaps wrongly) because while many of his words have been misplaced and offensive, none were so revealing to the character of Trump… while I do not view Trump as a lost cause (I truly hope God draws him to genuine repentance) these words changed everything for me.

You see, these words have forced me to choose sides. And I choose to stand with and for the amazing women in my life. I choose to stand for their honor, respect, and value. I choose to stand for them because I cannot stand for a man who would speak to and/or about my wife or daughters in this disgusting and deplorable way.

I have two big issues with what he wrote, but I really appreciate haring these words. They can’t be easy to write when you’re a Christian in Texas. So Chris deserves a lot of credit for denouncing Trump the way he did.

That said, I strongly disagree that Trump’s previous statements and actions didn’t reveal his true character already. Of course they did. Treating Muslims and Mexicans and other minorities like they don’t deserve to be here on account of their faith or background is telling. So are all the insults he hurled at his Republican primary rivals and the ones he’s making against Hillary Clinton now. And the way he treats war heroes who don’t live up to some absurd ideal when he himself refused to serve.

His entire campaign, since Day One, has been (wait for it) deplorable. What’s amazing is how many of his supporters refuse to admit it — or condemn it — because they’re so obsessed with their pet issues, like overturning abortion rights, that they’ll rationalize anything Trump does.

It’s also strange that Chris disavows Trump on behalf of the women in his life. That may sound like a noble thing to do… but what if he wasn’t married or didn’t have daughters? Would Trump’s comments not matter then?

To put it another way, why do you have to have a personal connection to the people Trump insults, mocks, or harasses before you say enough is enough?

You don’t need a daughter to know that Trump’s predatory lifestyle is wrong. You don’t need a gay or trans friend to realize that LGBT people deserve equal rights. You don’t need to be a non-profit manager to know that using your foundation as a slush fund is reprehensible (if not illegal).

It shouldn’t take an attack against you or people close to you to realize that Trump has no business in the White House.

But if that’s what it took for Chris to change his mind, fine. At least he did it. (Will he vote for Clinton instead? He doesn’t say.)

Here’s what I’d like to know: What the excuse of all those other Christian leaders who refuse to do the same thing?

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