Oklahoma Governor Signs “Oilfield Prayer Day” Proclamation (I Guess the Kids with Cancer Can Wait) October 7, 2016

Oklahoma Governor Signs “Oilfield Prayer Day” Proclamation (I Guess the Kids with Cancer Can Wait)

In Oklahoma, where apparently no other problems exist, Christians will be praying for oil next week with the blessing of the Governor.

Mary Fallin signed a proclamation last month declaring October 13 “Oilfield Prayer Day,” a chance to recognize how awesome God’s black nectar is.


The Rev. Tom Beddow of Ada, coordinator of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma’s Oil Patch Chaplains ministry, said he would like to see similar gatherings around the state as people pray for individuals affected by current economic woes, with the energy industry at the center.

“The oil field is hurting right now,” he said.

We’re asking churches all over Oklahoma to open their doors, put on a pot of coffee and pray for the oil field, and not only for the oil field but the state, because the economy of our state is so connected to the oil field.”

I haven’t seen religion and money this intertwined since Pastor Creflo Dollar asked his congregation for a $65 million private jet.

To be sure, this isn’t illegal. Religious and non-religious groups ask governors to sign feel-good proclamations all the time. It’s always symbolic. It’s not legislation. Atheists have done the same thing to honor Darwin Day or the National Day of Reason.

This is just weird. Doesn’t praying for oil also mean praying for people to rip up even more of the planet to obtain a finite natural resource? I don’t get it. But hell, I’m tempted to join in. I could use a new oilfield in my backyard.

(Thanks to Jacob for the link)

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