Ann Coulter Blames Conservative Atheists for the #NeverTrump Movement October 4, 2016

Ann Coulter Blames Conservative Atheists for the #NeverTrump Movement

Ann Coulter and Eric Metaxas, both supporters of Donald Trump, are appalled that some of their fellow conservatives aren’t getting behind the Republican nominee.

Why would some Republicans not love a man who lies constantly, brags about everything, has no respect for the Constitution, doesn’t know what he’s doing, and can’t even bring himself to prepare for debates?

Because they’re atheists, that’s why.

Speaking of George Will and Charles Murray, Coulter argued that those men care more about the opinions of other people than God, and that’s the problem.


“They are both atheists,” she said. “I guess status matters. As I always say, the reason status doesn’t matter to Christians is we’re looking up. If you have nothing to look up to, if you’re not getting your standard from God, then you have to look around. It’s either lateral or horizontal or vertical. You’re looking around and it matters to you — the opinion of other people.”

As much as I’d love to credit atheism with preventing Trump from getting in the White House, Will and Murray aren’t abandoning their party because they need approval from strangers rather than God.

They both make very clear in their public statements that Trump isn’t a true conservative, and they feel like the Republican Party has gone away from its principles by backing a candidate who clearly doesn’t give a damn about the issues they’ve spent a lifetime advocating for.

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