Some Latinos, Fearing a Donald Trump Presidency, Are Turning to Psychics for Comfort September 26, 2016

Some Latinos, Fearing a Donald Trump Presidency, Are Turning to Psychics for Comfort

People often visit psychics, tarot card readers, and other pseudoscience peddlers when they’re depressed or in need of answers. For Latinos right now, that means consulting with fortune tellers about a potential Donald Trump victory.


In a culture steeped in folklore and superstition, church or therapy won’t always do.

Some have spent up to $30 to cleanse themselves of Trump’s energy, using herbs, oils, perhaps an egg. Others have paid to tap into the mogul’s spirit, hoping to stage a metaphysical intervention.

Unable to wait for November, they ask tarot cards, seashells, coffee dregs, cigar smoke: Is it possible that Trump will win?

Madam Maria now says nearly 30% of her clients ask about Trump during their sessions.

“Everyone thought he was a joke, a bad telenovela,” Murillo Beltran said, as she turned up the air conditioning in her sacred area. “But now they know it’s real and they come to me with a lot of fear, a lot of paranoia.”

Here’s a thought: The fortune tellers won’t be able to give you answers any different from the latest poll numbers. But if Latinos really want to prevent a Trump presidency, then most important thing they can do is make sure others in their community are registered to vote and planning to show up on Election Day. Especially in states where their votes could swing the election.

Donating $30 to a group like One Arizona would go a hell of a lot farther — $30 farther, to be precise — than it would with a psychic.

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