Captain Disillusion Brilliantly Debunks the Cicret Bracelet September 25, 2016

Captain Disillusion Brilliantly Debunks the Cicret Bracelet

You may have heard of Cicret, a bracelet that essentially puts a smartphone screen on your skin. The company has already raised more than $615,000 from early backers — all of which they say is non-refundable — based only on the idea of the product.

But Captain Disillusion, the finest bullshit detector on YouTube, points out that the concept makes no sense at all. The very thing they’re promising to create just won’t work, and he shows why in his latest video:


In a stroke of genius, he admits at the end of the video that he donated $250 to pre-order a bracelet, which the company says will be shipped out by the end of the year. If the bracelet is legit, Captain Disillusion will admit he’s wrong and praise it from the rooftops. If it’s nothing like the promotional videos suggest… well, no one’s expecting otherwise. The donation gives him even more license to call them out if they don’t deliver.

On a personal note, if you’re not supporting Captain Disillusion’s work, you should. He’s one of the best.

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