I Can’t Tell if the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue is Praising Me or Denouncing Me September 24, 2016

I Can’t Tell if the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue is Praising Me or Denouncing Me

Well, now I’ve done it. The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue, whose inner rage is permanently turned up to 11, complimented me. And insulted me. In the same sentence.

It involves a story that’s been making the rounds lately, about an HIV-infected Catholic priest who supposedly raped 30 girls between the ages of 5 and 10 and was recently let off the hook by Mexican officials.


I voiced my suspicions about the story. There’s no image of the priest to be found. The Archdiocese of Mexico says no one with his name ever worked for them. The crime seemed almost too despicable to be believable. (And since when are priests caught in sex scandals with girls?)

Donohue lashed out at the media for spreading the story, perpetuating these unconfirmed rumors:

The blogosphere lit up this week with headlines blaring that the Catholic Church in Mexico has exonerated an HIV-infected priest who admitted to raping 30 young girls between the ages of 5 and 10.

There was just one problem: According to the Archdiocese of Mexico, this priest doesn’t even exist! “There is no record of such a minister,” the Archdiocese attests. Even militant atheist blogger Hemant Mehta acknowledges that with no police reports, no victims going public, not even a photo of this priest, “there’s no reason to think this is true.”

Umm… thank you?

I’m not sure what makes me “militant,” though. It’s more likely that Donohue, like Donald Trump, can’t even mention his critics without using a nasty adjective beforehand. But it’s a lazy stereotype… as if questioning sacred cows is worthy of a description more befitting a killer.

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